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Carry Of The Month: Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC)

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Please read our disclaimer before trying this carry. 

February definitely sneaked up on me and I apologize for the late Carry Of The Month post!

We did a Back Wrap Cross Carry and a Poppins Hip Carry, so I thought it was time for a simple front carry since we’re still working with some beginner carries. Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) is very similar to BWCC except that it’s on the front and you can do quite a bit of prewrapping, making it really ideal for beginners. The perfect cuddle carry!

What’s really great about FWCC is you can accomplish this with your stretch cotton wraps like Moby Wraps and Boba Sleepy Wraps! (Remember that stretchy wraps are not safe for back carries. Please do not use them for our back carry tutorials.) If your baby is starting to pack those pounds on in their 3rd of 4th month and you’re still using a stretchy wrap, FWCC gives you some extra support and it’s important to keep a hand on their bottom while wrapping them as well.

There aren’t a lot of cons to this carry. Some front carries can get hot and some can be inconvenient with really tall toddlers but is still doable when they ask for tummy snuggles! You should be able to easily nurse in this carry with some minor adjustments.

Okay, so we’re using a base size wrap again, which is anywhere from a size 5 to a size 7, depending on your size and baby’s size. Let’s get started.

 Start with the wrap in the middle. I’ve folded my wrap in half and with the two sides facing up at me. Tuck the middle of the wrap under your chin or gently hold it in your teeth. Then grab one side, making sure not to twist the wrap and bring it around your back, under your arm and over your other shoulder. Repeat on the other side. 
This is how it shoulder appear in the back. Crossed passes, no twisting! Twisting will create discomfort and confusion when trying to tighten the wrap. 

Now we’re going to add our baby.

First make a pocket for your baby by grabbing the rail closest to you and bringing it down while holding onto the outside rail. You can tighten it up a little by tugging on the wrap over your shoulders. It’s nice to keep the bottom rail, or the rail closest to your tummy, a little tight so that when you slide your baby in, the wrap will have already made your baby a little bit of a seat. So now you’ll add baby by putting baby over your shoulder and sliding them in. Hold the top rail and glide it up baby’s back. When baby is about half way in, come under and reach for her toes to free them and then start to hammock baby in gently and tucking fabric between you to create a nice seat.

Almost done already!

 Now we’re going to start tightening up the rails around baby to make sure they feel really secure. Spread the parts of the wrap over your shoulder and start pulling on the rails. If the wraps are spread correctly, the rail closest to your neck should tighten the top rail which is closest to baby’s neck. The outside rail will then tighten the baby’s seat. Keep pulling until you feel baby is nice and close to you. 
 Now we’re gonna get ready to finish off and be done. There are two ways to do this. I show how to gather the straps in our video tutorial but I want to make sure we knew how to spread them well on the picture tutorial! 
You simply spread the wrap and make sure the top rail is closest to baby’s neck and the bottom comes under baby’s bottom. You can certainly tuck some wrap under baby’s bottom to help reinforce the seat a little bit. The wrap comes over baby and then comes under the other knee as shown in the second picture of the collage. If you need to, store passes between your legs, either in front or back. I found tucking in the back was nice so I didn’t have it in the way in front and that way you don’t lose all the tightness from our last steps! 
If you spread the passes, it should look like the first photo! However, if it gets hot and you want less layers or need to wrap quickly, simply gather the wrap and cross them under baby’s bottom and then bring the passes under the knee just like we did when we spread the wrap. Now you simply tie in the back and always make sure to double knot so it is secure! 
Ta Da!! A nice, cuddly front carry for February! Enjoy practicing and please don’t be afraid to ask questions. 
Photo tutorial not doin’ it for you? No worries. Check out channel for more information and tutorials!

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