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January Meeting

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Hello 2013!
We had a GREAT turn out for our first meeting of the new year.  If you can believe it,  there were even more sweet babywearers that came than are pictured below!  
If you missed the meeting, here’s a quick recap of the highlights:
BWI Membership: This is $30/year and if members pay through the local group (BWIHR), our group gets to keep half.  We are working to get the application and payment information online.  We’ll post both here and on Facebook when that is up and running.   
As a reminder, membership to BWI is not required to attend meetings.  Meetings are held free of charge for anyone interested in learning more about babywearing.  Membership dues help BWI locally and nationally by expanding advocacy and outreach.  Membership also entitles you to borrow carriers from our lending library.
Elections: The election has started for the board of directors for BWIHR.  Nominees for the following positions are: 
Chair: Helena C and Jilliane K
Community Outreach: Dana K
Operations: Ginger H
Education: Caitlyn S
It was noted that the Education Chair must be a certified VBE, nominations were requested before the end of the meeting so the voting could begin.  (Voting is currently underway and will close Friday, 1/22 at 11:45 PM.)  BWIHR is using SurveyMonkey for the election votes, please use the link on Facebook to vote.  You make vote only once.
Info Cards: After much anticipation, our babywearing information cards finally arrived!  They were neatly packaged so each person in attendance could take a pack to pass around to friends, leave with stores, share with other babywearers in the community, or drop into carrier boxes in stores.  We are in process of working on a PDF file that members can print from home.  We will make this file available as soon as it’s complete.
T-shirts: T-shirts are in the works!  Thanks to everyone who contributed a phrase and voted.  The winning vote was for, ‘I wear my heart on my back’ submitted by Dana K.  We hope to have shirts sometime in February.  
Carry of the Month: Finally, we practiced Poppins Hip Carry, our January Carry of the Month.  We had lots of fun helping all of the sweet mamas and dads that came and can’t wait to work on next month’s carry!  
Courtnie T. helping a sweet mama get her babe up high on her back.

Tonya T.  trying a toddler Kindercarry Pack on the back and a standard Kindercarry Pack on the front.

Coming to meetings is a great way to try new and different things!  Often, members bring their entire ‘stash’ of carriers so it’s always fun to experiment!

Can’t wait to see you next month!  Be sure to check the ‘events’ tab on our Facebook group for play dates that may pop up in between meetings.  We’re always up for some babywearing, play date fun!

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