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Carry Of The Month: Poppins Hip Carry


Please read our disclaimer before trying this carry. This carry is for infants with good head control, generally 4 months and older.

It’s already time for a new carry of the month and this time it’s a fast one! Poppins Hip Carry is a great carry for beginners since it takes so little time and most beginners feel more comfortable doing front or hip carries rather than back carries. This carry takes very little wrap length so a size 2-4 wrap can be used, depending on wearer’s shirt size and baby’s age/size. Hip carries are wonderful for infants who hit that curious stage and want to look around. Some parents are quick to forward-face their infants in this stage but forward facing positions can be uncomfortable for the wearer, so hip carries are great!

This carry also has a few variations that I will be sure to mention so feel free to do what feels best for you. You can be pretty creative with how you use your woven wraps as long as they are snug, your ties are secure and baby is properly hammocked into a seat!

First, lay the wrap over the shoulder you have chosen. This is usually your non-dominant shoulder. You don’t need much length in front, just enough until the wrap hits just above the knee. Hillary preferred to twist the pass that came in front, this is simply one of the variations of Poppins! Take the pass and store it between your knees from the back. Take the pass from behind and bring it around the front. Spread it nice and wide so there are no knots, twists or unevenness. Hillary is grabbing by the top rail and bottom rail to ensure even tightening.

 In the first photo, Hillary is showing that the pass is nice and flat with no twists. Twists will dig into your back and make the carry uncomfortable. Bring the pass you brought to the front across your chest and behind the pass you have stored. You’ve now made a pouch! Tighten this a little so it’s snug across your chest and then make a little space to put baby into. Hillary is then sitting River into the pouch she made. She is using her hand to put fabric between her and River’s bottom to create a seat and spreading it from knee to knee. Pull that pass as high up to the shoulders on baby’s back.

Now we need to tighten up the pouch. You can see Hillary pulling the top rail and bottom rails on the opposite side of the stored pass. Going little by little and keep it nice and tight! Now here is where another variation comes in. You have the option to gather the wrap after you have tighten it up and bring it over, across baby’s back and spread it out later or you can spread it as you wrap. If you are new to wrapping or wanting to be as quick as possible, this is a great and easy option. However your passes may sag or be too loose since the wrap hasn’t been molded and tightened to baby’s back. If you want to spread it as you wrap, simply work with your rails. Pull the top over, keep it snug and then pull the bottom and finish off by pulling out any slack in the middle. You can see that in the next sequence!

You have a another option here before we finish. You can now gather the pass and pull it over baby’s knee closest to your back or you can go under it! Either way is fine.

Last part is to simply pick up both tails and tie them. Sometimes they wander to the side and sometimes they sit perfectly in the back, whichever is fine. Just make sure to use a secure, double knot.

Photo tutorial not doin’ it for you? No worries. Check out Babywearing International of Hampton Roads’s YouTube channel for more information and tutorials!

We try to accommodate everyone by using a couple of methods of teaching. Explanation, picture tutorial, and video tutorial. We’d love feedback on what helps you, so please leave a comment if you have any questions or tips!

3 thoughts on “Carry Of The Month: Poppins Hip Carry

  1. Thanks so much for this tutorial. I've watched SEVERAL & yours is the first one I could actually follow & “get it”!


  2. That wrap is absolutely beautiful. Is it a didymos? I love those colours.


  3. It is! It is an Indio. I'm not quite sure which one though.


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