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Babywearer of the Month: Laura

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Meet Laura!

My story begins on a woodsy plain in-the-middle-of-nowhere country, otherwise known as west Michigan, the land of lake effect snow and football. Homeschooling occupied my school years, and four years of college won me a degree. Shortly after college graduation, I moved so south Carolina and married my husband.  A few moves later (thank you, Navy), landed us in Virginia. 

We’ve been here since ’08 and should be moving on next summer/fall. We started out with two fur babies of the larger variety, small horses, otherwise known as dogs. Dragon is our massive golden retriever stoner dog, and Shi’ann is our husky/poodle resident crazy. We had our gorgeous daughter Ally in May after a truly sucky pregnancy, and necessity landed me in babywearing. 

-How long have you been babywearing?  

Since my daughter was teeny tiny, about two weeks old. My husband was deployed during her birth and for a few months after.  I needed ways to have my daughter with me that didn’t involve a stroller or an infant car seat. I couldn’t imagine grocery shopping with a stroller and infant seats just weren’t my thing. Research naturally led me to babywearing. I had friends who had dabbled and that got me interested.  By the time I had my daughter I had a decent idea of what was what. At least, I thought I did.

 How has it helped you or changed your life as a mom?

Umm, my house would have been condemned and I would have starved without it? Maybe a slight exaggeration, but that covers the bases. Wearing her keeps her calm and.content, which keeps me calm and collected.  Shopping, cooking, cleaning…was all made possible by wearing her. Sometimes she plays in her toys or her room, but sometimes she just needs momma.

What is your favorite carrier (or carry) and why? 

I love my woven wraps, my Ergo and my ring sling. Wovens are great when I have help tying her on for decent trips; the Ergo is fabulous when I’m by myself, and the ring sling is my go-to when she’s sleeping and I want her to stay that way.  I’ve got a Didymos indio, a didy labyrinth, a galaxy grey Ergo, and a plum Maya Wrap ring sling. All priceless in this house. 

What is your biggest babywearing accomplishment?

Having people compliment how good of a baby she is all the time. Mostly because she’s worn and comfy and can process the world in her time. I also love chatting with other moms about babywearing and the paths they walk.

What has been your biggest struggle with babywearing?

Dealing with my physical limitations. I have to ask for help to wrap her on my back, and that’s hard for me. I also have never found a foolproof way to nurse while wearing her.

What do you want others to know about babywearing? 

That it can make everything soooooo much easier on you.

If you were on a cruise with your children heading to Italy for two weeks, what carrier would you take and why?

Holy crap. I guess i would take a woven wrap. More comfortable for longer walks. 😉 

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