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Wear in Style: A Shirt Fundraiser

Who’s ready for some babywearing apparel?
We are excited to offer TWO new babywearing shirt designs. We decided to work with Bonfire to offer a variety of shirt styles from tanks to baseball t-shirts available in size XS to 3XL. (sizes vary based on style of shirt).
Simply order through the website.
***Sales end June 11th.***
You will not be charged until sales end. Once the sales end, the shirts will be custom printed and shipped directly to you.
Special note: you will be charged tax, shipping and handling. Unfortunately, we have no control over this. Shipping is $5 flat rate anywhere in the United States, $11 flat rate international. To reduce shipping costs, you may want to combine orders with a friend.
Design 1 – Always Bring a Carrier

Design 2 – Hands Free equals Coffee for me

Collage of images and text. Text reads "always bring a carrier", "hands free equals coffee for me", "ends 6/11", "support us in style", " &"


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Babywearing Oops!!

We don’t always  get a good looking carry. Every once in a while we flat out fail! 

Good thing we can laugh at ourselves!

Ring slings are always fun…until baby decides standing is better!
“Oh, I’m sorry, did you want down?!”

Oh you thought you had a perfect wrap job? Turn around!
“That moment when you are sure you finally have it down then look in the mirror and realize you are wrong. Very wrong.”
Lean with it!
“Thought a tight tula could keep him in, nooooope”
“That time you borrowed a KP and thought it was just a little big, but still workable…..”
We all have these moments. Kids always keep us on our toes! 
Oh, and no children were harmed in this bit of comedy!